Elizabeth’s Winter News & Taking Care of the Sacrum


Upcoming Courses:

Elizabeth is back in New Zealand after a short visit to Australia and is preparing for Self Care Level 1 Arvigo® trainings this winter. Stay tuned for dates and locations. Sign up for Elizabeth’s newsletter at www.BodyCarePlace.com to stay up to date. Scroll to the bottom of the home page to sign up for the newsletter.

Self Care Level 1 Arvigo® training is open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of how better to take care of his or her belly, especially the digestive and reproductive organs. The class is open to lay people and professionals alike. Topics covered are the history of Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy, Maya philosophy around healing and spirituality, and Anatomy and physiology of the digestive and reproductive systems along with a few common pathologies of those areas. Everyone will learn the basic Arvigo® belly massage ( for personal use only), and will also learn more about pelvic/vaginal steams, working with castor packs, and hip swaddling for health and healing

Treating Women Who Have Had Falls

Recently, Elizabeth had the opportunity to work on the sacrum of a 9 year old girl, one of her youngest clients yet! A mother, after hearing Elizabeth’s talk about the many body issues that can arise with sacral damage, such as painful periods and lower back pain, quickly scheduled her 9 year old for a children’s Arvigo® Therapy session. This 9 year old daughter had a big fall on her bum at school, when a boy pulled a chair out from under her while she was taking a seat. Even though the accident happened over several months ago, the girl had had constant and chronic tail bone and sacrum/lower back pain ever since, especially upon sitting and standing up.

The bones in the sacrum of all young people do not completely fuse until around the age of 26th. This means that bone scar tissue and the sacrum’s position in the hips can be negatively impacted by falls and blows to the body, especially when falls happen very young. Arvigo® Therapist are trained to treat falls like medical emergencies, same as the Maya people did thousands of years ago, especially as this relates to girls and young women.

For women, falls to the bum can be especially problematic as women have a bigger pelvic outlet as compared to most men. Damage to the sacrum of a growing body can impact the health of menarche (the start and duration of the bleeding years), fertility, pregnancy, birth and menopause. The sacrum bone is the bone where some of the nerves from the brain and spinal column pass through to nourish and help control the pelvic floor, uterus, bladder and lower part of the colon. If men or women, but especially women, sustain lots of injuries to this bone, then issues can sometimes arise, often later in life with bladder and bowel control being harder to maintain. If the damage is big enough, bladder and bowel issues could happen sooner. Also, there tends to be more lower back pain with menstruation and especially as these women go through menopause. With menopause the hormones shift and old injuries to the back are felt much more intensely, even if those falls happened over 20 years ago. Scar tissue left undone stays in the body and tends to grow. Although it grows slowly, it still grows steadily, causing more issues later on.

Elizabeth worked on this 9 year old girl, and the bone scar ridge from the fall on just one side of the sacrum, was very palpable on the side that caused the most pain, which happened to be the side of impact (the girl fell to one side). After just a 15 min session of work on the girl’s back, the bone scar tissue was dramatically reduced and the tissues supporting the sacrum and tailbone were much more balanced. Upon completion of a single session, this young girl had dramatically less pain around her lower back and tail bone areas. This was partly because the girl was so young and her body was still growing. Adults often need much more time to get the same effect. The older the body, often the longer the time needed.

Working on this young girl was very much in line with the original Maya philosophy that inspired the Arvigo® work. All Arvigo Therapist® are trained to treat falls like medical emergencies, because treating falls early prevents and reduces the scar tissue that can form on the bones and surrounding soft tissue. Treating falls quickly can also assure the uterus of women stays in a good position, also very important for menstrual and general good health (this is another topic all together!). As long as there no clear breaks in the sacrum (nothing that shows up in an x-ray) and the person can still walk, it’s ok to come in for an emergency Arvigo® session. Otherwise, it’s best to see a medical provider or go direct to a hospital emergency room. A clean break to the sacrum is very serious!

Taking care of our sacrum is taking care of our ability to bleed well, birth well, and maintain control over our bladder and bowels as we age (men and women). Taking care of the sacrum bone is also a good way to help ease the transition into menopause. 

May you make time this winter to take good care of a keystone bone of the body, the sacrum!

Elizabeth Stein