Quite a few years ago now (2010), out of nowhere I started thinking about more and more about Qigong. I found myself saying to my husband, ‘I want to study Qigong’. I began buying and reading books on it, and searching for a teacher but couldn’t find anyone at all where I lived and was even investigating teachers abroad.  As fate would have it, around this time a Qigong Teacher from Christchurch contacted me and invited me to a Beginners Qigong workshop that she was offering in the town where I lived. I jumped at the chance, and this was my introduction to the life-changing journey that I have embarked upon.

In the weeks that followed, an ultrasound scan revealed I had an egg-sized ovarian cyst. I saw this as the ideal opportunity to see if Qigong really worked on health problems, and I began a  30 minute daily practice with the clear intention of the cyst disappearing. During this practice I marinated myself in healthy thoughts and transformative possibilities and, to my delight, a follow-up scan two months later revealed that the cyst had gone! Even better was the fact that I had more energy, I felt clearer and calmer and started to experience a deeper sense of myself. My family also noticed a change in me, and I thought, ‘This is good stuff!’ and decided to train to become a Qigong Teacher and learn more about this type of healing. Now, several years later, I can’t imagine a life without Qigong and Ren Xue.

My experience of life is very different than it used to be.  Over this time, I have experienced periods of true peace and joy and a depth of meaning and purpose that is really uplifting and fulfilling. These experiences vary according to the regularity of my Qigong practice, along with the level of awareness and willingness to change that I approach my days with. If I lose touch with myself, life can easily become more problematic and stressful. When I am more aware and conscious of taking an active role in shaping and creating a better life, patterns clear and I feel a deeper sense of ‘being’, clarity, inner peace and happiness. It’s a good feeling!

Rachel is now a qualified Qigong Master Teacher and Qigong Healer.

For more information:   rachel@localhost or call Rachel on 021 0245 0157