023A2901Happy Spring everyone….we made it through the winter…yay!

I’m loving the energetic changes that spring brings…lighter in the mornings and evenings, lots of flowers and blossoms about and a bit more spring in the step…

If you are feeling a bit spring-less, maybe you need to do some internal spring cleaning.

As an acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, I have some simple tips for your spring detox:

  • Start the day with half a lemon squeezed in a large glass of warm water – it helps to rehydrate you, stimulates the liver, helps to flush out toxins and help your bowels move. Gotta put that rubbish out each day!

  • Get your body moving! During winter we are less active and we can feel a bit blah. Get out in the morning for that 20-30min walk/jog. I like to do a mix of walking and jogging. It doesn’t have to be hard out and to mix it up and make it fun, I work in some exercises on the way; I come to a bench and do 2 sets of plank/push ups and 2 sets of tricep dips, sprint between lamp posts. Use your creativity! This will help you feel more energised and help your body get rid of toxins.
  • Stop putting toxins in! Look at everything you consume and come into contact with; food, drinks, skincare, cleaning products, sanitary products and toilet paper – yes you heard it right – toilet paper! A diet of whole unprocessed foods is best – avoid any packaged foods and cook from scratch. Look for non-toxic cleaning products, sanitary products and even the toilet paper! Your skin is the biggest organ in the body and it absorbs toxins straight into the body.
  • Alcohol – that is a biggie when we are thinking of detoxing. Give it a break! Our bodies weren’t designed to deal with alcohol and it becomes another huge load on the liver – if you can’t do without it altogether, then alcohol fast for 5 days of the week and be very minimal the other two.
  • Make sure you are getting good amounts of water without additives such as fluoride and chlorine. Get a good water purifier from your local health store. Monitoring your urine is the best way (apart from thirst) to know if you need more water. If its looking on the yellow side, get more water in!
  • Get extra greens in…dark green leafy vegetables support the liver. Replace the toast under your yummy scrambled eggs with a bed of spinach greens, get a good quality green powder to add to your food or smoothies.
  • Good quality sleep is essential! At night when you lie down a lot of your blood goes to the liver and that’s when the liver is working at cleaning your blood. Liver time is 1-3pm, so if you wake up between those hours and can’t get back to sleep, you know that your liver is under stress. Its best to be well asleep by Gall Bladder time which begins at 11pm.

There are all kinds of detoxification programmes you can do, but just making a few small changes can be really beneficial. Otherwise consult a naturopath or functional medicine specialist such as Dr Sam Shay, for guidance especially if you have chronic health issues.

Have a great month!
Belinda Falconar
Owner and Acupuncturist at Aroha Acupuncture