Keep warm:

  • It is a good idea to wear a scarf in the winter and not to leave the house with wet hair – there are lots of qi gates in the head where cold can get into our systems and make us vulnerable to virus’s.

  • Wearing an extra layer around your lower back and kidneys is a good idea.  The kidneys are like the batteries of the body, and like any battery they use up more charge if they are cold.

  • Avoid sitting on cold or damp surfaces, metal chairs are the worst!

  • Wear a windproof layer on those characteristic Welly days – this helps preserve our Qi.

Eat warming food:

  • Avoid cold food and drink and go for warming soups and hot food over the cold season.

Have an acupuncture tune-up to help harmonise your body with the season:

  • prevention is always better than cure.  Having a 3 monthly treatment for better health is always a good idea.

Take supplements:

  • Vit C and Zinc
  • Vit D – the sunshine vitamin
  • A good probiotic (keep in fridge)

Try ginger lemon and honey tea:

This is deliciously warming and will help stave of winter coughs and colds. So much nicer than a tea bag!! A great way to start the day – What to do: Steep grated ginger in hot water in a teapot for 5 mins (peel the ginger first otherwise it can be a bit bitter). Strain into cup containing the juice of half a big juicy lemon and a generous teaspoon of manuka honey is best – but any honey will do………….YUMMY!

Learn Qigong: If you haven’t tried Qigong or don’t know what it is – why not give it a go?

It strengthens your immune system, gives you more energy, works on physical problems and calms and focusses the mind.  Here is a link to my upcoming workshop: Yuan Gong Level 1 Wellington.   Qigong teaches you how to look after and nourish your own Qi for better health, wellness and vitality.